Google Analytics 報表包括維度(dimensions)與指標(metrics). 說明如下:
維度(dimensions): 是「非數值性」的描述使用者特徵, 階段、行為動作。常用的維度例如: 使用者的區域, 國家, 所使用的瀏覽器等等.
指標(metrics):  是「數值性」的描述使用者特徵, 階段、行為動作。常用的指標例如: 訪客數(visitor), 瀏覽數(pageview), 轉換率(converstion), 跳出率(Bounce Rate,使用者進入網頁後無後續動作即離開網站)等等. 
1. Which of the following are metrics?
Check all that apply. 
A. Avg. Session Duration
解答: A,B; A是平均使用時間,B是瀏覽數, 皆為數值性描述
2. Which of the following are dimensions?
A.Conversion Rate
B.Page Title
C.% New Sessions
解答: B,D; 是非數值性描述
3. What is Bounce Rate?
A.the percentage of visits when a visitor viewed only one page and then exited without a second interaction on the site
B.the percentage of times unique visitors returned to your website in a given time period
C.the percentage of sessions for which a visitor exits from your homepage
D.the percentage of site exits
解答: A; 跳出率是進入網頁後毫無動作即離開此網站
4.Why might a site have a high Bounce Rate?
Check all that apply. 
A.The landing page of the site has extra Event Tracking implemented to track additional actions besides pageviews.
B.The ads that bring the users to the site set different expectations than the landing page.
C.The site only has one page (e.g. a simple blog).
D.The page that your users typically land on doesn't have enough information or a good call-to-action.
解答: B,C,D;跳出率高通常是因為使用者進入網站後發現和期待的內容不一樣, 或是此網站只有一頁(例如部落格), 或是進入網頁後不知要如何動作. A與題意無關, 故選B,C,D
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